A New Deal!

“We are here to help our riders in all areas of their career! To help them to develop as quickly as possible and to reach their entire potential as athlete but also to realize their entire commercial potential!”. What sound’s like a bold statement summarizes a revolutionary Rider Management Program, which has been introduced during the MXGP-Weekend in Arco di Trento in a press conference. 

The program officially dubbed the Seven Rider Management has been brought to life by Seven MMD GmbH, the Marketing Firm of former KTM Executive Winfried Kerschhaggl, who has been with KTM for more than a decade serving as Marketing Director, Vice President of KTM North America and International Racing Director.

Based on his long term experience, he knows the racing side as well as all the commercial implications which have to be respected for the development of a really successful sports career. Primarily, the services provided by his company’s program range from managing all the necessary resources a rider may need from trainers to medical specialist of all areas all the way to insurance and legal services - always with the objective of linking the athletes with the best available experts. Furthermore, the management of all communications activities, always with the aim of developing a strong and marketable image of the rider including his promotion in all relevant media. The third part is the detailed documentation and evaluation of the athlete’s performance on and off the track, showcasing the full value the athlete brings into the collaboration with his sponsors.

 “We do more than just negotiate for our riders – much more! Our program assesses needs, evaluates opportunities, gathers resources, manages media and communication activities and we provide a monitoring system that looks far beyond racing results.” says Kerschhaggl in his summarizing statement.


Seven Rider Management
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