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6D Helmets presents:

The world’s most innovative

helmet technology.

Now in a street helmet too!


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Brea, California – 6D Helmets LLC, the world’s leading innovator in helmet technology, is pleased to announce the launch of its new ATS-1 street-helmet.

The ATS-1 from 6D Helmets is the first street-helmet with revolutionary ODS technology and is “streets” ahead of the rest. Its 3K carbon fiber construction results in a light, stable shell, which in conjunction with patented ODS technology absorbs even the most extreme impact. The patented ODS system offers better protection than any other helmet technology across the entire range of potential impacts and in particular against the especially dangerous, rotating forces that cause the worst head injuries.

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6D Helmet’s goal for the ATS-1 was to produce the safest road helmet in the premium segment and provide the rider with the best features and comfort.

They were able to adopt the revolutionary and extraordinary ODS technology, while a particular task was to construct the outer shell, visor and ventilation system. Truly a challenge, as 6D did not wish to compromise in any area. The result is impressive as the ATS-1 easily exceeds all the objectives that were set.

Independent lab tests confirm exceptional safety

Dynamic Research in Torrance, California, one of the world’s leading test labs, has confirmed in a comparison test with other helmets of respected manufacturers the superior protective benefits of the ATS-1 and ODS technology.

Unique Air-Gap™ ventilation system

The ATS-1 from 6D Helmets is equipped with an extremely effective ventilation management system. The Air-Gap ventilation system: the two separated inner shells do an exceptional job in extracting heat and moisture from inside the helmet unusually fast. Four adjustable inlet openings bring fresh air into the helmet and a network of 15 air transfer ports and five outlets provide effective ventilation. 

Fog-free visor with maximum functionality

Using an ingenious hinge mechanism the ATS-1’s visor can be adjusted in stages as required, and reliable locking is assured in any position. The visor itself is a scratch-resistant, fog-free Pinlock® visor (which exceeds VESC-8 standards).

High-end comfort

The removable and washable comfortable lining is just as advanced as the ATS-1 itself.  It can be very easily adjusted to high temperatures, for example; you simply remove the central part of the neck pad to experience significantly improved ventilation in no time at all. Its high quality materials make it extremely comfortable to wear with the best moisture extraction system.

The ATS-1 from 6D Helmets exceeds all the certification standards: US DOT FMVSS 218 (USA), ECE 22.05 (47 countries worldwide) and ACU (UK).

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Recommended retail price: € 950.00

ODS™ technology – exclusively from 6D Helmets

More informations about 6D Helmets you will find under:

www.6Dhelmets.com, http://www.6deuropeshop.com

Hi-Res images: http://news.sevengmbh.com/6d-ats1-images/


Product features ATS-1

• Exclusive patent Omni-Directional Suspension™-Technology (ODS™)

• 3K Carbon Fiber Shell Layup, advanced aerospace carbon remarkably strong and extremely light

• Aerodynamic CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamic) Aided Visor-Design

• 3 Shell Sizes, optimizes size/weight ratio while ensuring great fit: Sizes XS – XXL.

• Highly effective ventilation system, 4 adjustable intake ports, 15 inner transfer ports and 5 exhaust ports

• Rear Delta Vent, aids heat transfer and comfort by scavenging air from within the helmet.

• 10 distinctive ratchet positions, articulating pivot ensures a snug fit to the shell when closed

• Shield changes are easy and quick requiring no tools

• 100% MAX VISION® PINLOCK® anti-fog insert

• Anti-Scratch Shield, premium shield protection on both inner and outer surfaces.

• EPS Lined Chin Bar provides added protection

• Aerodynamic Wing, advanced CAD design for maximizes aerodynamic efficiency

• Comfort liner, removable and washable

• Removable rear neck roll cuff increases air flow characteristics significantly in extremely hot conditions

• Internal Breath Guard, channels exhausting breath down and out to reduce fogging

• Recess pockets provide room for internal speaker installation

• Cheek pads easy removable from outside

• Exceeds US DOT, ECE (47 Countries World-Wide) and ACU (United Kingdom) standards.

• Limited warranty for 3 years