2017 Starts Now, 

The 2016 is nearly over: Now it’s time to prepare your 2017 race season!

This time of the year is always very particular: You need to keep your focus on racing to achieve your goals but at the same time you have to prepare and manage your future as well. Very often this situation leads to a lack of performance and drive’s into a vicious circle: Less results On-Track, Less interests Off-Track.

Managing your On-Track Performances is something you should be able to focus on a 100%. Managing your Off-Track Performances is another race where our support may be valuable and appreciated. Because we, at Seven GmbH, we are convinced that modern rider management is much, much more than just negotiating new contracts once a year.

Therefore, we developed the Seven Rider Management Program!
Our program support’s our athletes in every single aspect of their career.
With the objective to Help You to Realize your entire potential as quickly as possible!

We provide you first-class guidance based on our deep insight knowledge gained at the top of the industry. In addition to rider representation, our service includes assess to all key industry firms, trainers and training facilities, medical advices from nutritionists to surgeons as well as communication guidance and training and a sophisticated performance tracking and evaluation system.

We are here to support you when you need it the most!

 A specific and very special offer to young and upcoming riders is our Family Adviser Program. 
This means for you premium access to all our services at very affordable costs.
Your advantage: First Class Support when you need it the most, at the beginning of your career!


Seven Rider Management
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