July 16th, 2019 (BREA, Calif.) – 6D Helmets launched new ATS-1R performance street motorcycle helmet at WeatherTech Raceway, Laguna Seca, during World Superbike/MotoAmerica event July 11th– 14th. Inspired by their Grand Prize winning work within in the NFL’s Head Health Challenge III, the all new ATS-1R features an advanced version of their exceptional Omni-Directional Suspension (ODS) technology along with multiple other improvements. 

“The ATS-1R is a very special helmet. We’ve been working with professional athletes Kyle Wyman and Sammy Halbert for about 5-years by now, and they’ve both played a major role in what the “1R” has become.,” said Bob Weber, 6D’s CEO and cofounder. “We’re a racing committed company, driving safety in everything we do. The original 6D ATS-1 was the first street helmet incorporating technology designed to mitigate angular acceleration force while simultaneously improving linear acceleration performance during an impact event while positioning the helmet as the leader in safety performance when compared to the other top brands in the market.”  

The ATS-1R was aggressively re-engineered to further improve the excellent energy mitigation performance of the helmet while also improving the fit, comfort, and aerodynamics. Overall weight has been reduced by greater than 10%, while the shield mechanism, sealing characteristics, and operation were also improved. 

In addition to its patented advanced ODS energy management technology, the ATS-1R features a lightweight 3K carbon fiber shell, an aggressive ventilation system (with 4 adjustable intake vents, 15 transfer ports, and 5 exhaust ports), and an array of tinted shields, tearoffs, and Pinlock inserts. Equally as impressive as the ODS technology, is the helmet’s interior environment which features emergency removable cheek pads, a convertible base liner (for superior ventilation during hot summer months), recessed speaker pockets, and cheek pads that are eyewear compatible with most glasses. Two exciting new graphics in 3 colorways each highlight the new designs, while their traditional gloss and matte finish carbon fiber models round out the current offerings. 

The ATS-1R is available in XS to XXL sizes and comes with a three-year limited warranty. MSRP is €745 for graphic models, and €695 for solids.

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ABOUT 6D HELMETS:6D Helmets LLC is dedicated to the relentless pursuit of brain protection. 6D’s patented Omni-Directional Suspension™ (ODS) technology revolutionized helmet design and set new benchmarks in brain protection, including both linear and angular acceleration mitigationunmatched by any other helmet design. 6D, established in 2011, is the safety technology leader in both motorcycle and bicycle helmet design. ODS™ is exclusively available in 6D