KLIM Europe Summer Newsletter


Are you ready for your Summer vacation? We here at KLIM Europe are, because the first half of 2019 has been a very busy one and a very exiting one too!



KLIM Technical Riding Gear:

Present at all Major European Motorcycle Shows!

2019 started with a very intensive show program: KLIM was present at twelve major consumers shows all over Europe. Together KLIM employees and KLIM dealers spent nearly 175 working days taking care of customers. Two show booths were shipped more than 6.000 kilometers all together representing the KLIM brand from Sweden to France and from Germany down to Romania.



KLIM Communication: Maintaining our Premium Quality Image!

On top of that, KLIM put strong efforts into media relationships to receive an increased presence for KLIM products in print and on-line media which was supported with an extensive print advertising campaign and brand related activities on social media. More than 25 full page advertisements in the most important European magazines generating more than 170 print print editorials and several cover pages.  Plus more than twice as many digital ads on the most popular motorcycle related web sites leading to a strong online presence too.

European Print Campaign


Editorials and Cover Pages


KLIM Brand Ambassadors: Present all over Europe!

In parallel KLIM sponsors more than 20 travelers and nearly 30 athletes from all over Europe riding and competing in KLIM gear. Our brand ambassadors strong presence on social media and in press provides huge awareness to our brand - 24 hours 365 days a year.

Paul Bolton from Great Britain “Nuts and Bolts” and adventure rider Valentin Mueller “Valle on Tour” are just two of them representing the sponsoring efforts of KLIM to support the European markets.




KLIM Europe Dealer Meeting, Salzburg, June 17th - 19th, 2019

All of our efforts so far this year funneled into a really successful European Dealer Meeting held in the facilities of the beautiful venue of the Salzburg-Ring race track close to the picturesque city of Salzburg, in Austria. KLIM® called for the 2nd European Dealer Meeting and more than 80 dealers followed the invitation to come to the Salzburg Ring close to Salzburg city in the heart of Austria. Next to the presentation of the 2020 Motorcycle and Off-Road Collection it was the perfect possibility to intensify the collaboration between the European dealers and key sales and product managers from the US headquarter. Among the American representatives were three board members Ryan Harris (Director of Development), Paul Hepworth (Director of Sales) and Paul Webber (Vice President of Products) as well as William Bozung, KLIM’s International Sales Manager.




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