As tough as it has to be, as comfortable as it needs to be! KLIM Off-Road 2018


Life happens outdoors – real off-road adventures are full of surprising challenges. You can plan many things, but the thrill lies in the unexpected. In order to be prepared for anything, you need authentic enduro gear! That’s what KLIM has always stood for, and the coming KLIM off-road range 2018 embraces this heritage more than ever!

A proper enduro kit needs to be functional and offer the rider everything he may need in rough terrain: high resistance in combination with room to move and superior ventilation. Beyond the safety features of an official round course, only the things that really work count: it’s tough riding, not a beauty contest!

So as to always have the perfect enduro equipment on hand, Klim is offering 3 full ranges:

>> DAKAR: This is the core of the KLIM off-road range: unparalleled standard of quality, extremely functional and incredible durability. Cordura fabrics, stretch material and superb workmanship make these items hardwearing yet flexible. The ventilation can be adjusted to the rider’s needs, so the Dakar clothing line is the ideal partner for every enduro tour and endless single track fun.

On especially hot days, riders may prefer the Dakar offspring: MOJAVE. With the incorporated netting panels, complete body ventilation is guaranteed.

>> The competitive rider may choose to go for the brand-new XC-Lite:  this range focuses on the essentials – light, well-ventilated and robust in the places that matter. Made for extreme races under the toughest conditions!

Off-road outfits from enduro riders for enduro riders: KLIM technical riding gear! 

For more information on KLIM and KLIM Europe, please go to www.klim.com or email us at info@sevengmbh.com


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